Mukluks by Arctic Originals, Inc.

Arctic Originals Alaskan Mukluks warm the feet of many

  • Dog Mushers
  • Crossing Guards
  • Hunting Guides
  • X-Country Skiers
  • Hunters
  • Winter Walks & Hiking
  • Cold Weather Researchers
  • Winter Sport Coaches
  • Winter horseback rides
Mukluks are also great for
  • Showing off cool footwear
  • Polar conditions
  • Snowmobiling
  • Ourdoor Sport events
  • Mail & delivery services
  • Winter Repairs
  • Winter Campers
  • Snow Plowing

Alaskan Mukluks by Arctic Originals, about our Mukluks & Moccassins

Arctic Originals Mukluks are handmade in Alaska,
do you guarantee the best fit?

We guarantee the best fit, when you provide to us an outline of your foot either by fax or mail. Fit is important, for the best comfort and fit for your feet we suggest tailored made mukluks for the best fit. You can fax or mail your foot drawing to us, please place your order and fax or mail your foot drawing to us with your name and contact phone number on the drawing.
For your assistance we offer live service 9AM-6PM 7 days/week.
Toll Free: 888-254-8433, Fax: 909-279-9096

How warm will my Arctic Originals Mukluks be?

Alaskan Mukluks are some of the warmest footwear available today, not only are they stylish our mukluks will bring new meaning to a Winter Walk. Our intrinsic design which includes a wool inner lining inside your mukluks work to keep your feet warm and dry in cold climates.

How does the design of Arctic Originals Mukluks keep my feet warm?

Size does matter. The larger sizes with greater foot width allow you to add more insulation and therefore create a warmer boot for extreme conditions. Consider the climate before buying your mukluks, normal Alaskan winter weather ranges +20F to -15F and normal daily use our regular sizes are adequate to keep your feet warm. Our Alaskan Mukluks are made from the same materials, there is no significant difference in how warm the various styles of mukluks in the same size.

Water, Snow and Mukluk or Moccasin Furs, are they water repellent?

The furs used on our mukluks are naturally water repellent. However, the intrinsic water repellent nature of the fur must be augmented with an aftermarket water repellent. Water repellency can be achieved easily and application is determined by use, therefore we do not pre-treat the mukluks. The best working water repellents for our boots are available in your sporting goods store.

How can I make my mukluks and leather moccasins waterproof?

Some people like to coat the hide of our lodge boots with sealent, which gives the leather some degree of water repellency but it may alter the look of the leather. It's not possible to make soft leathers COMPLETELY waterproof even though many of the products available make that claim.

When is additional insulation required with my Mukluks?

Woolen socks worn with the mukluks are a must when the temperatures drop below 0o F. A pair of wool socks will serve quite well to keep your feet warmest in cold climates. Woolen socks will augment the warmth of the mukluk as the weather gets colder, while increasing your comfort. We do not suggest the use of moccasins in cold weather, they are intended for indoor, dry use only.

How do we design our Mukluks and Moccasins for the best fit.

Arctic Originals Mukluks and Moccasins are handmade to your specific foot size, for this reason you must provide us with an exact drawing of your feet with your order. You must mail your drawing to us (fax machines alter the actual image size), this will be used to design your specially fitted pair of mukluks. When you receive your Arctic Originals Mukluks, they must be "broke in". To break in your new Alaskan Mukluks or moccasins wear them for the first hours indoors on the carpet, this will help your mukluks fit better to your feet.

May I return or exchange my Arctic Originals Mukluks and Footware?

Return Merchandise Authorization is required, call us first and receive your RMA #. We will not accept packages without one so call 1-888-254-8433 toll free or 907-278-4406, request the Return & Exchange Department - Arctic Originals, Inc.
Should the mukluks or moccasins not fit correctly, contact us for assistance by phone at 888-254-8433 toll free, or 907-278-4406. If we are unable to assist you by phone, then you may exchange your mukluks or moccasins. For returns and exchanges please (review our returns policy).
Conditions for return or exchange are outlined here:

  • The Mukluks were purchased from Arctic Originals, Inc. Anchorage, Alaska
  • The footwear must be in brand new condition.
  • The footwear was purchased within six months of return or exchange.
  • We made the wrong size on specially fitted footware (from an outline of your foot).
  • The footwear was not on sale or discounted.
    (All sales on discounted footwear are final.)
  • All returns or exchanges must be accompanied by the RMA provided by Arctic Originals, Inc. and by the original receipt.
  • Mukluks with calf alterations or special sizing are not returnable or exchangeable.

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